Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Healthy Homemade Almond Butter

Hello, my name is Heather, and I am an almond butter..ADDICT! Okay, maybe there isn't a group for people addicted to almond butter BUT, if there were, I would need a seat and a doughnut (also an addiction).

So, you now may be asking WHY I am addicted to almond butter. The main reason is that it contains amazing health benefits! It is Naturally rich in Vitamin E and magnesium and offers more calcium, fiber, potassium, and iron than traditional peanut butter. It does ALL of this and with less saturated fat :)! It also doesn't hurt that Almond Butter is so versatile! You can use it as a dip, just as peanut butter, or even in a gourmet tasting FROSTING!

Now...for the UGLY side of Almond Butter....It is EXPENSIVE! One jar organic or All-Natural Almond Butter can cost close to $10!  As much as I love it....spending $10 for a jar that will be gone in a day is not going to happen at my house. So...I was lucky enough to have my Blogger Buddy Jelli from Jellibean Journals who recently shared a recipe for homemade All-Natural Peanut Butter.  I thought if it would work for Peanut Butter....it just might work for Almond Butter-IT DID!

I hate to say it but this is a very simple recipe - which is a HUGE plus in my house.  It is also a very CLEAN recipe with a SHORT ingredient list. We are avoiding all chemicals in our home so this is vital to us. This homemade almond butter is so easy to make that I can not believe that I did not try it before.....

Raw Almonds (500g)
1 ingredient! NO CHEMICALS!
  1. 3 cups of RAW or ROASTED almonds
Yep...THAT's IT! Feel free to toss in a hint of cocoa powder, salt, spice, honey, maple syrup, or vanilla to make a gourmet treat!

  1. Blend in Food Processor for about 10 minutes. make sure you scrape the sides down as needed.
  2. Store in fridge and always stir before you use it! The oils will naturally separate.
See...I bet you never knew it could be this easy to make homemade almond butter but after you try it....you will think it is the ONLY way to get your Almond Butter FIX!

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